23 August 2012
Computer models suggest Gulf Coast threat as Isaac crosses Caribbean.

Tropical Storm Isaac has entered the Caribbean and is currently moving S of Hispaniola.  The storm has not really become any better organized over the last couple of days—and, in fact, the National Hurricane Center's recent recon missions have had a hard time pinpointing a coherent center in all of the mess.

But there are indications that Isaac might get quite a bit more interesting in the coming days.  

Very gradually over the last 48 hours, the various computer models have been converging on the idea of a hurricane landfalling early next week on the USA's Central Gulf Coast, somewhere from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle.  Of particular note, the latest (00Z) GFS and Euro runs—which reflect the latest G-IV data—now agree on a strong hurricane hitting the Mobile/Pensacola area.

Given this, a chase seems possible or likely in the coming days. 

For now, we're to watching this closely, testing our equipment, and preparing to nail another hurricane core.  More soon!

Image courtesy of Weather Underground.