27 August 2012 - 2:45 am CDT
Chasing Isaac: In Mississippi, pondering next steps.

After fifteen hours of traveling—including a flight from L.A. to Atlanta and a drive from Atlanta down to the Gulf Coast—I'm in a hotel lobby in Mississippi, taking a breather, trying to decide next steps.

Scott Brownfield and I have been on the phone all night. Given 1) the huge disagreements between the computer models, 2) the complexities of the coastline around SE Louisiana, and 3) New Orleans Metro and its recent history with hurricanes, this is one of the most complicated chase setups we can remember tackling.

There are so many variables, it literally gives me a headache thinking about them.  Scott and I have identified four possible chase locations, and we've exhaustively discussed the pros and cons of each.  As of 2:45 am, there still isn't a clear winner.  We're just at that tough "crossroads moment" in every chase, when the tough decisions need to be made.

The models trending further W and the reformation of the center to the N this evening give contradictory signals that further complicate the picture.  To add to all this, the storm is having trouble organizing.

I think I just need to sleep.

—Josh Morgerman