05 July 2012
Welcome to the new iCyclone!

Hello, and welcome to the new iCyclone Website!

Finally, after years of fragmented communications, all iCyclone content will be neatly housed on this one site—including:

  • Real-time chase updates.
  • Video footage.
  • Chase accounts & analyses.
  • Research.
  • Product info. (I swear that compilation video is coming out soon.)

In this section of the site (Now), I'll be giving up-to-the-minute updates on iCyclone chase plans and activities—so always check here for the latest!

This aside...

It's 05 July and I just returned to California from Prague, where I live part of the year. (Before you ask: no, I'm not Czech—just an American dude doing business over there.)

Summertime in Prague is mega-awesome—it's a gorgeous city-—but let's just say I'm really glad to be back on this side of the Atlantic! It always makes me uneasy being outside of North America during hurricane season; I dread missing a good landfall. (Just last week, Tropical Storm Debby gave me a good scare; if the early forecasts had been correct, I would've missed a nice Texan hurricane—my favorite kind!)

As we wait for the North Atlantic and East Pacific basins to spawn a good, red-meat chase subject, enjoy some of my pics from my second home, on the other side of the Atlantic...

—Josh Morgerman

Prague - Kaprova    Prague - Josefov

Prague - Masna    Prague - Passage

Prague - Staromestske Side    Prague - Spires

Prague - Moon

Prague - Sunset

Prague - Vaclavske

Prague - Staromestske

Prague - Night