29 September 2012
Hurricane Isaac Video: PREMIERE!

Finally—the iCyclone video from the Hurricane Isaac chase is ready!

Although this is just a teaser for the full-length documentary, it stands on its own as a complete video account of Isaac's long, drawn-out assault on the tiny bayou town of Galliano, Louisiana.

This was one of the toughest video-editing jobs I've done in a while. Isaac was a large, slow-moving hurricane that impacted my location for well over 24 hours—a real endurance test! I got back from the chase with well over 4 hours of raw footage—a lot for me—and weeding through it all and shaping it into a coherent, watchable account took time.

What makes this video unique? For several hours (between 12 midnight and 3 am CDT), Isaac's large eye wobbled right over Galliano, so the town went back and forth between the eye and N eyewall. On the ground, this meant alternating periods of calm and storminess—a peculiar experience which you'll see in the video. When the town finally got deep into the eye, in the wee morning hours, the calm lasted a whopping 7 hours—a record for me!

I'll post a complete chase account in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy the video of this very unusual chase!

—Josh Morgerman

iCyclone in Isaac